Oferecemos expertise na execução de projetos fotovoltaicos em diversas modalidades, incluindo: Full EPC, Turn Key 360º, BOS, BOT e Projeto Executivo. Especialistas em obras com capacidade acima de 2,5 MWp.

Mobilidade Elétrica (E-mobility)

Atuamos com soluções de mobilidade elétrica, oferecendo serviços de eletropostos, Armazenamento de Energia e Infraestrutura de Carregamento. Além disso, fornecemos consultoria e instalação para garantir que você esteja na frente da revolução da mobilidade sustentável.

Sistemas de Armazenamento (Storage System)

Desenvolvemos projetos de sistemas de armazenamento de energia em larga escala para maximizar a eficiência e a confiabilidade da sua operação. Também possuímos consultoria especializada em storage system para otimizar a eficiência energética do seu negócio

Bonö Livre

Intermediamos a migração de clientes do GRUPO A para o Mercado Livre de Energia, conte com a nossa experiência para garantir uma transição tranquila e segura.

Power Plant Solution

Comercializamos equipamentos de alta qualidade para grandes clientes, fornecendo soluções tecnológicas de ponta que impulsionam a eficiência energética e a sustentabilidade para qualquer segmento.


Serviços de Operação e Manutenção de usinas para garantir a máxima eficiência e longevidade na produção de energia

Generating energy to move the world

  • More than 1000 successful projects
  • More than 152 MWp sold
  • More than 300 million/year in revenue
  • More than 210 PV modules in operation
  • More than 350 people are supplied with the energy generated/month
  • Equivalent to 125 reforestation trees
  • More than 65.000 tons of CO² reduced annually
  • More than 500 professionals involved

About us

A company fully focused on generating clean energy for the business-to-business market and one of Brazil's largest EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) companies. Our team is dedicated to developing innovative projects for agriculture, business, and industry.

We operate in diverse areas

  • Agribusiness
  • Industry
  • Business
  • Public Works

Bonö Solutions


The entire project and implementation interface are our responsibility. You can hire some of our services separately: Full EPC | BoS | Cold Commissioning | Hot Commissioning | Operation and Maintenance.

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Nativa Group

  • Agribusiness
  • <noscript><img src= 7.800 MWp

Success Cases

Find out about some of the projects in which we made a difference.

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Our clients

These companies believed in our work and today generate their own energy, becoming more profitable, sustainable, and competitive. geram sua própria energia se tornando mais rentáveis, sustentáveis e competitivos.

Operations & Maintenance




By purchasing one of our energy management packages, you save time to take care of your business. With the package, we will be responsible for managing your plant, monitoring your system daily, informing you about updates and occurrences, and offering full support to your needs with the concessionaire. In addition, you will have complete access to our personalized monitoring platform with monthly performance and financial reports.

Services included:

  • Priority service for general queries
  • Complete access to the personalized Bonö platform
  • Daily monitoring of your system and alarms
  • Monthly performance and financial reports
  • Active monitoring of the balance of credits in its beneficiaries
  • Concessionaire support in plant-related issues


Essential service for your system. With preventive maintenance, you ensure the maximum performance of your system, in addition to preserving the service life of your equipment, reducing the chances of sudden shutdowns or major problems arising from a lack of maintenance. Moreover, you will have access to a complete plant report and a 30-day postmaintenance analysis proving the effectiveness and importance of the service.

Services included:

  • Service report
  • Comparative report 30 days before and 30 days after
  • Preventive maintenance